Online bonsai beginner experiences

The other day at an exhibition I heard one of my local students talk about the online learning experience. Not a young man as you might expect, but a retired man now putting all his energy and love into bonsai.
What he told another guest was to stop saying that you cant learn bonsai online. You can! He recently signed up for my courses, and that comment made me smile. 
The advantage of online learning is that you can watch over and over again. We zoom in on details, and you can do it whenever it suits you. 
Play it on your smartphone tablet and use it as a podcast if you like. Sit with a cup of coffee and just get inspired.
Remember you always can use the members Q&A for Pro members and ask your questions directly.

The October bonsai Magazine is a package of five videos concentrating on what you can do in your bonsai garden this month.

Getting back to the comments it also confirmed we do things alright with the tutorials and lectures. Therefore I am happy with that comment and all the kind e-mails or messages coming in about the quality and content put online.
Anyway, I always seek to improve. I will at any time be glad to receive requests on topics not yet touched, and add that to the idea catalogue. So we can improve and learn together.

A small Sedum showing the beginning of autumn colours.

New membership plans added

On request, we added extra long term plans to the membership options. A 3-month plan at 14 Euro monthly and a 6-month plan at 12 Euro monthly. Both covering the Pro membership plan.

Headlines for October

October tutorials were released Friday, and you can watch these topics:
October seasonal care.
Species of the month: Cotoneaster.
Scots pine needle control and back budding.
Wire on – wire off. Healing wire scars.
Bonsai prepared for display. The devil is in the detail.

Live Q&A October 14

Our next Live Q&A on Zoom takes place on October 14 at 8 PM. Look up the time for your area to be sure not to miss it. To make it easier we added a timetable converter where you set in the time for Denmark and then your own local area. You find it at the Live Q&A information page here
Send in your questions ahead. You find all information on how to take part on the Live Q&A information page.


  • Geoff Hobson

    I agree totally that we can learn from online tutorials, however, as the last 18 months has shown me I have missed being with my friends, going to shows having workshops. I did not enjoy working on my trees on my own. After a while it was almost a chore. I always say to people to join a club as well as using online especially with Kisetsu-en and Morten,

  • albek

    Thanks Geoff. Your support is very appreciated. Totally agree. It is so good to see friends again and be able to go around and share the joy of bonsai.

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