Bonsai by night

A few days ago I had a visit from a friend who is a very talented cameraman and photographer. He wanted to test his new equipment and some lights, so we did a recording in the garden by night.

Bonsai video by night

Before Christmas, there was an extra cameraman in the Kisetsu-en garden. We did some recordings for a new story and promo, to be released soon. Low light shooting with just a little light and lanterns turned on, made a very special mood in the garden. Gallery at the end of the blog post.

A new year is ahead. And we are happy to announce that we have improvements for both the website and the Kisetsu-en Bonsai online tutorials.

We have made language options for the website adding French, German and Spanish translations.

You can choose your option at the menu or bottom of the page and switch the entire page into your preferred language.

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Video subtitles

More important maybe is the language options for the videos. Now subtitles can be selected for different languages too.

Video supports English, German, Spanish, Portuguese (BR), Polish, French and Italian subtitles.

All videos released from January 2021 and onwards will be with the option of adding subtitles to your viewing experience. We hope you will enjoy these new improved features that we are putting some hard work into.


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