Video and photo gallery from the Australian bonsai collection

Just landed after a magnificent Australia visit as part of the Bonsai Reshaped event titled “Big & Small”.  The video and photo gallery from the Australian bonsai collection is now ready. The photo gallery can be watched at the photo gallery, and the video is part of the member’s content.

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Bonsai & Penjing

The bonsai collection is a blend of native and imported bonsai. Many medium-sized trees are kept in shape by Samuel Thompson and managed by Leigh Taafe. Some trees are donated permanently to the collecting and others are on loan on a three-year contract.

Only maintenance and very few adjustments of the trees are part of the on-loan deal with the bonsai selected. Every third year the bonsai are shifted and new trees are selected for a period from applicants.
Click the photos below for video and photo gallery.




  • Morten Albek

    It is. There is a great variety of national species in the collection. There also is a very long history of bonsai, I guess is equal to Europe. The quality is high and the active bonsai community have many members.

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