FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bonsai Video Studio?

  • KISETSU-EN BONSAI ONLINE is an online bonsai learning platform and part of the Shohin Bonsai Europe website by Morten Albek.
  • We aim for the best quality. Well produced videos in HD are the benchmark of the online services, where you will be able to enhance your knowledge of bonsai design, aesthetics, practical growing advice, technical skills i.e.
  • The aim is to cover the experienced, intermediate as well as beginning bonsai enthusiast.
  • We are focusing on all kinds of bonsai and sizes, although the name of the site and its history tells you that we are specialists in the smaller bonsai and medium sizes. It is our experience this fits well with most enthusiasts, and most tecjniques are the same whatever size of bonsai it is.
  • You will get inspiration through the aesthetical filmed videos that you can watch whenever you want. You are not limited to certain times of the day.
  • You can view and review as much as you like, when you want as long as your subscription is active.
  • You can sign up for three different subscriptions, and cancel whenever you want. To get the most, stay on and develop through the learning experience of the carefully planned themes.
  • As the archive grows, you will have a valuable source of bonsai knowledge and inspiration at hand.
  • Why do I not have access, when I have a paid subscription? Maybe you are not logged in. Depending on the cookies settings on your PC your last login is not saved. Login at the top menu bar by adding username and password.
  • Videos are not showing properly. It can be caused by a slow Internet connection or a temporarily short fail on the video server. We use the best possible and reliable video server from Vimeo.
  • If your payment fails? Check that all credit card details are correct. A small typo can cause errors. 
  • Update your creditcard at your account if it is out of date to continue your membership without breaks.