Creating a Shohin forest with Japanese maple

Displaying your Bonsai in the garden

pH value and trees

Deciduous bonsai - Hawthorn Shohin

Judging Shohin bonsai

Trees and shrubs for shohin bonsai

Trees and shrubs for air layering

Bonsai development

A Track Record of Bonsai


Taxus baccata, Yew, started from ordinary nursery stock in 2006.

Japanese maple

From raw material to bonsai.


Juniperus Shimpaku bought as pre-bonsai material.

Chinese Cork Bark Elm

Changing a broom style pre-bonsai to a mature tree.

About the case stories

All bonsai in the development stories are part of the bonsai collection today, and will with time be updated when changes are made.

Bonsai is changing all the time. Sometimes more, sometimes only subtle. The value of having a bonsai for many years is following the development and see how age improves. The value of the work you done earlier pays off later. In some cases much later, but this is part of the journey and a the conditions when we work with nature.

It is an ongoing pleasure to see a bonsai evolve, and sharing these records I hope will give an insight in the slow process of developing bonsai, and the rewards it gives you through time.