Shohin at Noelanders Trophy 2012

Mark Cooper has kindly shared his excellent photos of Shohin (20 cm / 8 inch high), Kifu (around 25-35cm / 10-14 inches) and then some Chuhin (maximum 45cm / 18 inch), shown at Noelanders Trophy 2012, in Belgium.

All photos is the courtesy of Mark Cooper (Copyright).

Tsuru-modoki. Oriental bittersweet, Mario Komsta
Shohin Olive
Shohin Lonicera nitida
Shohin Japanese White Pine
Shohin Juniper Shinpaku
Kishu Juniper, Juniperus Shinpaku, John Brocklehurst
Shohin Japanese Black Pine
Shohin Winter Jasmine
Shohin Holly, Ume Modoki, John Bailey
Shohin accent, Dwarf Snake Grass, Mario Komsta
Shohin Chojubai, Japanese Quince, John Armitage
Shohin Chojubai, Japanese Quince
Kifu Elm
Shohin Juniperus Shinpaku, John Armitage
Shohin display by John Armitage
Shohin Goyomatsu, Japanese White Pine, John Armitage
Chuhin Juniperus Shinpaku, John Armitage
Chuhin display by John Armitage
Chuhin Buxus Harlandii

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