Mame bonsai pots from Horie Bikoh

Specially imported modern Mame bonsai pots from Horie Bikoh kiln in Japan arrived yesterday. I have been searching for especially this kind of pot for some time, but newer came across it until now. Tomohiro Masumi from Koju-en in Kyoto helped me searching and came across these modern style Mame-bonsai pots at the recent Gafu-ten exhibition in Japan. (Gafu-ten is the biggest Shohin-bonsai exhibition in Japan and the world).

The pots are made by Horie Bikoh. Date of birth: September 4, 1939. From 1963  he started making the small pots. In 1975, he won the prize for excellent work award at the national Kobachi masterpiece exhibition.

Except for a few kept for myself 🙂 these wonderful small pots are now available. Prizes from 25 Euro to 31 Euro. Pot sizes are  5 x 3 cm,  5 x 3.5 cm, 4 x 3.2 cm

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  • Etienne Basséne

    Jolis et vraiment bien faits , ces pots de Horie Bikoh. Comme pour paraphraser Schumacher, je dirais :” Small is beautifull “. Bravo et merci pour avoir partagé ces image et l’information.

    PS. Tout comme Horie Bikoh je suis né un 4 setembre….. Coincidence…?

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