Review: Masahiko Kimura at Bonsai Empire

Kimura Masterclass review

Given the opportunity to watch a Masterclass with Masahiko Kimura is a treat. Kimura is world known and highly respected for his works. 

I visited Kimura years ago and remembers him as a kind man if you show real interest in him and his works. His works speak for themselves and it is, therefore, a pleasure to see him again. This time as part of the Bonsai Empire lectures.

Having Mr. Kimura as a teacher is a unique opportunity. Both to see him work, but also to see how he works the Japanese way. This means, that there is not a lot of talking, but a lot to watch. Students observe and have to know what to look for and learn from this. 

Observe and learn. That`s the Japanese way.

Masahiko Kimura is of course talking and telling what to do when and why in between, also because he was asked questions along the way. You get plenty of time to sit back and enjoy how the master styles a Japanese white pine, Pinus parviflora, as a windswept tree. At the second demo Kimura is arranging a rock planting. A style that has given him fame, not at least in Europe. 

One of the rare things to watch is a branch cracking, and Kimura saying “Ohhh…”. Not a big deal, because a small crack like this happens, and can easily be fixed. And Kimura explains that. Just a funny little unexpected moment.


This course is a different experience from other courses launched by Bonsai Empire, but worthwhile signing up for. This is a rare opportunity to see a Japanese bonsai master at work. In the course, there also is a visit to the private part of the garden, where visitors normally aren’t allowed to go. 

Who would not like to sign up for this educational course, giving an insight into how a world-known and respected bonsai artist works. Lean back and watch if you are a fan of Kimura.

The course

Information from Bonsai Empire:

The course is available as of May 23rd and is valued at $79.99.

14 lectures, 4 hours total.URL:

The lectures were filmed inside Mr. Kimura’s workshop where he has created all his masterpieces over the years. Together we selected a few trees to showcase and Mr. Kimura decided what topics he wanted to address- although he did ask us several times what our students might be interested in. We selected the stunning Japanese white pine (an overgrown Yamadori) and an impressive rock with dozens of small Junipers as the materials to work on. The filming lasted several days, with Mr. Kimura working tirelessly from early morning to late afternoon.

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