Bonsai green season

It is the bonsai green season. The colour change on the Mountain maples (acer palmatum) is clear from day to day. It’s the growing season taking over.

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Delayed very much this season, yes. But finally, some of the spring weather and temperatures are here. And that is visible when I follow the trees every day. Observing the small changes individually at each tree. Meanwhile, Daisy seems to enjoy some early morning sun ray at the outdoor Tokonoma.

Japanese maple beauty

The Japanese maples show their beauty as the leaves develop, and it is soon time to make the first cut back on trees where I skipped the first flush pinching to strengthen up the tree.

The fresh leaves must be offered for refinement, and here are the last pictures after a rain shower, enjoying the new fresh photosynthesis motors. I will tell you more about the pruning strategy in the Kisetsu-en June Magazine for members. Free 7 days trial available now we speak of it 😉

Almost Friday

Almost Friday is our almost weekly extra video published. Some free to watch, others reserved for Kisetsu-en members.

This time Almost Friday look into how a Shohin bonsai can be created in one of two ways from simple nursery material. Online Thursday, May 20.

Chamaecyperis styled in Almost Friday episode 8, released on Thursday May 20.


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