Thanks to the UK Bonsai Association

An online group of 60+ members tuned in yesterday evening to hear me ramble about Shohin bonsai. A great pleasure and even though we had two full hours I didn’t manage to say everything I wanted. Shohin bonsai is so interesting and there is a lot to share.

UKBA online talk

Thanks especially to MingChen and Mark Moreland managing UKBA so well, who invited me over physically earlier. But as we all know, all those arrangements are postponed to better times. I am really sorry I also had to delay this online event a good week, because of caching the flu. But we did succeed and I am thankful for the great response.

Zoom online meetings might sound dull, but I do think it has its own power and life now we are used to corresponding this way. Real-life is always better, but this also has some good sites. Meeting more often with people around the world, and getting connected through the love for bonsai.

Today back in the garden and prepping and filming for the next episodes released June 1st and the almost weekly Almost Friday episodes. No rest for the wicked.

Thanks to you all in UKBA.


  • Geoff Hobson

    I was most upset to miss the UKBA zoom on Sunday, my broadband went down on Saturday and I have not long got it back. I had been looking forward to it for weeks,

  • m5eaygeoff

    Yes I got it back this afternoon, Ming recorded it so I should be able to qatch it soon,

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