The Trophy 2019

Happy back from the Trophy in Genk, Belgium.

Being the 20th big show in a row, the Trophy is a benchmark in the European bonsai world. As previous shows Japanese bonsai are still filling a lot of the space in the exhibition. Also very large heavy bonsai seems to be preferred over middle sized and smaller bonsai for some reason. A

With time I hope that more native grown European trees will begin to show up. And less heavy bonsai-monsters. That’s just a preference of mine.


Two videos from the exhibition can be viewed at the Bonsai Video Studio. A few photos below. Didn’t have the time to photograph it all this time. Occupied with future arrangements (cliffhanger – announcing will be published at a later time).

Bonsai Empire lectures

Thanks especially to Bonsai Empire having me on the programme with small lectures about Shohin-bonsai and accents at their stand in the main hall. Great talks with the audience. Always good to see old friends again and welcoming new ones.

See you next year again. πŸ™‚



  • My introduction to Bonsai.

    This was my first visit to the show. Enjoyed your talk on Shohin Bonsai. Was good to see you in person rather than just the videos from the Shohin course I have started.
    Like you I was surprised not just at the size of the majority of the bonsai but the yamadori at the trade stands. Size seems to be the in thing with the bigger the better being order of the day.
    Still I had a great time and it won’t be my last visit.

    • albek

      Thanks. πŸ™‚ Good to hear you enjoyed the show in general. Size is still the thing, especially around southern Europe. Would like to see more variety. See you again next year maybe.

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