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Deadwood 2. Juniperus chinensis reworked after first initial styling 10 months earlier. Deadwood work with powertools at trunk. Living branch converted to a jin, and overall design improved. 


Deadwood 1. A large Cherry laurel, Prunus laurocerasus have deadwood added to correct some inverse tapering of the trunk, and reworking large scars after removing big roots and branches. Power tools are used in this first of a series about deadwood. 


Creating two types of  Shohin forests from collected seedlings. Field maple, Acer campestre young plants, two-three years old, collected in nature.


Bonsai seasons 13. It is time to bring in trees for the winter, and to do some deciduous trimming. Deciduous trees are much easier to design when leafless. Branch structure can be viewed in detail when the naked truth is exposed. Therefore winter time is a great opportunity to work on these. In this episode an older Shohin  Chinese Cork Bark Elm is corrected, and weak spots are pointed out for future development.


Theme. Displaying shohin bonsai. Going through the basics of making a harmonious display. Understanding the seasonal landscape approach. Using racks and tables, levelling trees, achieving balance and connection between main and secondary tree. This and much more is the content of this tutorial to understand the basics of the Shohin display. (Coming up: The advanced Shohin display tutorial).


Bonsai seasons 12. Autumn sets through with bright yellow and red coloured maple leaves. Morten Albek looks in to the caretaking of Shohin and preparing them for the dormant season. A Shohin Yew is pinched to develop new growth, and detailed explanations of controlling growth and energy is part of this November edition of the seasonal report from the bonsai garden.


Theme. First of two in depth lectures about bonsai displaying. In this first episode it is about arranging a traditional bonsai display. Learn how to balance the display, and why there are different tables for different purposes. How scrolls are used, and the history behind the bonsai display.

Part two, will bring you insight in the advanced set up of shohin display.  


Q&A. I have a nice Lonicera nitida shohin tree. Can you clarify how this should be leaf pruned? Some suggest clipping often and others suggest letting it grow before clipping as with most bonsai. 


Theme. Deciduous trees grows differently than conifers. When styling bonsai it is important to understand the difference, in order to reflect nature in the trees. In this monthly theme, we dig into the difference between dropping branches and upright growing branches, and why it is so.


Q&A. I have collected a tree. It has shown signs of weak growth. How do I take care of it during winter?


Theme. Do you know what accents are all about when displaying bonsai? In this theme we dig into what accents are and what their purpose is.


Bonsai seasons 11. October shows the beginning signs of autumn where deciduous shifts from green to yellow, brown or red leaves.Removing the wire from a bonsai in training, should not be made in one go, but in steps. Finally I arrange a Kusamono planting with dry tolerant grasses and plants.


Q&A. This time questions about Camelia as bonsai and buying bonsai in Kyoto is answered. Below some relevant links thrown in with additional informations.

Toji Market in Kyoto

Koju-en Shohin Bonsai nursery in Kyoto

Import of plants in Sweden

Import plants to the EU

Takamatsu bonsai


Theme. Do you dare to cut? How to start a bonsai by pruning back hard field grown, nursery or collected material. In this example a larger hedge plant (Acer campestre) and a small shohin (Pyracantha) are cut back to start new branches from scratch. And showing the result after six weeks.


Bonsai seasons 10. Slowly the trees are preparing for the dormancy season. Correcting foliage at a Shimpaku Mame bonsai, and finishing with a bonsai social meeting. Enjoy the September edition of the vlog.


Theme. How to change a pre-bonsai Juniperus chinensis to a future promising bonsai. Dealing especially with design considerations, what to look for when selecting the front, what branches can be removed, how to arrange branches and much more in detail explanations.


Bonsai seasons 9. Bonsai exhibition in The Japanese Gardens in Denmark, with Fuchi Bonsai. 


Theme. Styling a Pinus mugo using an ordinary nursery plant. Explaining all the necessary steps to take care of when you use cheap and basic material for bonsai. The first initial styling, the long termed planning and aftercare is explained in detail.


Q&A. What to do if you have forgot to water? How to try rescuing your tree.


Bonsai seasons 8. Next step in th journey of the Potentilla is taken. And setting up a summer display that should turn our minds into some cooler weather this hot summer.


Q&A. Q&A Video – Frosts and pots that cracks in winter. What to do?


Theme. Why is it important that a bonsai looks like an old tree? Morten Albek explains the historical and aesthetical approach that links age to the bonsai expression.


Q&A. Q&A Video – Should I take notes when I wire a bonsai, fertilizing and so on, or is it too much?


Bonsai seasons 7. In this episode: Summer trimming Japanese maples. Introducing what is probably the longest and slowest bonsai demo in the world. Starting from this episode.


Theme. Dig deeper in to repotting shohin bonsai – Repotting guide part two. Repotting a Mame Juniper, adjusting roots on a old Hawthorn, root pruning and structure details at Crab Apple and advanced reducing of the roots on a raw stock Juniper adjusting these to the size of a small shohin bonsai pot.


Bonsai seasons 6. In this episode: New bonsai garden area established for a better viewing experience. Adjusting energy flow at deciduous, fertilizing and improving an old bonsai with one cut. And more… 


Theme. The big guide to repot shohin bonsai – part one. The importance of the right soil structure and its influence on the bonsai design. Repotting step by step instructions with examples.


Bonsai seasons 5. Springtime in the bonsai garden. What to take care of after the winter, applying mosses, repotting and dividing accent plants, aftercare of bonsai styled earlier.


Theme. Basic introduction to bonsai pots. What pot to choose, differences between glazed and unglazed pots, taking care of pots and more.  18:00

Bonsai seasons 4. Report from the Bonsai Namaste event in Pune, India.


Theme. Morten Albek brings a Yamadori Scots Pine collected in Sweden to the first stage a s a bonsai. Styling the raw material for the first time.  42:55

Bonsai seasons 3. February 2018. Refining a Shohin bonsai Juniperus chinensis developed from raw nursery material, and winter pruning a midd-sized Crab Apple.


Theme. Wiring bonsai. Beginners and advanced wiring techniques. Timing and trees health is among the subject in this video.  30:11

Bonsai seasons 2. Exhibition, contest, traders area and International Demonstrators at the China Jue December 2017.


Theme. Shohin-bonsai introduction. How to grow Shohin, sizes and much more.  13:08

Q&A Video – what about fungus? What fungus does to bonsai – positive and negatively.


Bonsai seasons 1. Late autumn preparations before winter.


Q&A Video – How to deal with pear rusts attacking junipers.


Theme. The joy of bonsai. Appreciating bonsai, A personal story of Morten Albeks view on bonsai.  19:29