Bonsai garden expanding

These days the new bonsai garden area is getting the finishing touches. Originally the bonsai garden was a bit smaller, but there  was an urgent need for more space. Because new trees are coming in for the Bonsai Video Studio recordings, and there simply wasn´t room for the trees as it was. Secondly (but as important) I needed improved settings for the video making and working space. Okay. Thirdly. Because I just wanted it. Watch the new Vlog released this coming weekend, and you will know why.

The new area should be able to blend in well with the rest of the garden, and also add good growing conditions. This is mostly concentrated on light, and I will go deeper into this too in the Vlog from the garden –  available for members.

You can buy your membership here. Remember the first month is a free trial period, so you can try it out without paying if you do not find it is something for you. But I am sure you will stay 🙂

At the Vlog I will also show how an old Prunus bonsai is pruned, pinching a Shohin Yew, adding fertilizers and a short sneak peek into the next theme (released early June). The next Theme will be dealing with what worries many enthusiasts; how hard can I prune back raw material and how to start deciduous bonsai from scratch.

The garden and trees are just happy this spring acting like summer. A lot of new growth is pushed forward, improving the health and development of the bonsai collection. This spring already shows to be better than last years summer measured in heat and sunny days. Climate changes most likely. Some part due to natural changes, but we have to deal with that on an environmental plan as well so we do not affect the planet more than is good for it – or for us. By growing bonsai and being closely connected with nature I think we will have an improved healthy view on our resources.

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