Bonsai video – new lowered prices

Because we had a great start it is possible to lower the prices 🙂

We decided to lower the prices on our membership plans. Simply because we want more people to join and get the joy of learning bonsai online. The Bonsai Video Studio had a great first month on air with a huge interest. New videos are published every month, but it is even more fun if it reaches more people. That’s the thoughts behind the updated price list settled for 2018. Remember the first month is a free trial period for the first subscription.

(If you have already subscribed your payment will be adjusted automatically when the next payment is activated).

From the next Vlog. Refining a Shohin Juniperus chinensis developed from raw nursery stock.


Latest video online is about bonsai pots, and right now the next two pieces are in the production pipeline. Within two weeks the next Vlog is published, showing the work refining a Shohin Juniperus chinensis and winter pruning a Crab Apple.

Next theme launched later in February is focusing on repotting Shohin-bonsai. In depth about soil particles, how to prune roots and establish a fine root system over time and much more in depth information. Showing different levels of repotting.

Subscribe for your membership plan today and get new bonsai tutorials every month. Look forward to serve you.


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