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The Hong Kong fashion and trend magazine Trends´on, features an article about European bonsai experts. The magazine features Morten Albek with Walther Pall and Stafano Frisoni in the art talk section. Pretty modern layout, putting bonsai in a new frame, and maybe appealing to others than the normal readers of such interest.

The printed magazine features four pages for me, and one page each for my fellow bonsai artists. A total of six pages promoting western bonsai art in Hong Kong isn’t that bad.

The article with me is also available on-line at

Below one original photo of a Shohin Japanese maple, and how it is set up in the magazine.

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  1. Can anyone tell me if there is anyway to translate this article to English?

      1. I don’t have chrome,I have mozilla firefox and found a add on called foxlingo that i downloaded and it worked great. But thanks for the idea tho.

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