Live Q&A Thursday

Thursday, January 25 at 8 PM (UTC +1) the monthly Live Q&A is scheduled.

Bring in your questions and also send questions in before where you can attach pictures if needed. Questions can be about everything bonsai-related, from repotting, and styling techniques to display issues. Don’t hold back and be part of an educational evening online on Zoom with friendly people sharing their love for small trees.

This is what spring looks like. Cherry plum tree we greet you showing the beauty again this season when the time comes. 

Trophy in Genk

It’s all frozen at this edge of the world but soon thawing up and we eagerly look forward to the growing season begins. Slowly we can take eyesight on growth and the next big exhibition in Belgium, The Trophy.

The popular event takes place in Genk from 17 – 18 February. I will be there all day Saturday but have to go home earlier than usual on Sunday early afternoon.

Shohin Book delay

It was planned to be a book release date too, but last minute some unforeseen hindrances came up so there will most likely be a later date. More on that when settled very soon.

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