Cascade style Shohin bonsai from simple material

This weeks episode shows the transformation of a pre-grown simple Picea. This was originally found as a small seedling in the garden, and after 5-7 years of growth (cant remember the years exactly as I am getting older, or it has always been so), and now it was time to settle the future of this little one.

Creating small Shohin bonsai from simple material is both challenging and fun. After growing bonsai for more than 30 years I still have great pleasure in training and forming the most simple and cheap material as bonsai. The joy is in the process and development seeing things change and create small pieces of art. even when I know there are years of development following these first baby steps.

Picea cascade styling Shohin Bonsai

In this tutorial a Picea abies grown from a seedling is transformed into a future cascade style Shohin Bonsai. Maybe also with an alternative pot choice for the future?

Watch now : Cascade style Picea – Kisetsu-en Shohin Bonsai Europe (


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