A Shohin Bonsai book is coming up

The next Shohin Bonsai book is coming up. It has been a roller coaster getting this book on the table because the original publisher suddenly announced that they stopped publishing books just before they should have it on the street. Luckily I have a perfect partner in crime who has been eager to publish my books all the time. So a quick turnover of the manuscript and all content have been done.

I can’t thank Bonsai Art enough to take over immediately. It does have a time perspective though because the editorial process and layout are just beginning. I will keep you all informed of course about when you can expect to order the book. It is the book I have used most time on, and I think it outranks the previous two books so far. But you will be the judge of that. Stay tuned for updates. There are no publishing dates yet. It all has to be planned and scheduled.

Meanwhile, let’s look forward to spring and the weekly episodes online. As usual, published on Thursday afternoon.


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