Bonsai live and a bonsai forest

Because of the difficult times, a group of Black Scissors bonsai artists go together and send live on Facebook. If I can manage it, it will also be shared on YouTube afterward. Going live to bring us together when we are apart.

The event will take place on April 19, at 4 PM in Denmark. Follow the link here and you will get the time where you live.

Black Scissors Bonsai World Time event – get your local time for the event

You can watch it live on my Facebook page, or see it later.


Bonsai Empire Q&A

A few days later I will be with Bonsai Empire and answering questions on their Facebook page. Also a live streaming event. Same time, but April 22.


The weather changed from constant rain to constant sun. So now we have two types of seasons apparently. One with rain and another with sun and drought. Not easy to find a nice middle way for anything these days. 🙂

Spring preparations include setting up the noren.

Bonsai forest

In the bonsai collection, I have a Japanese maple forest I started restyling a year ago. It was bought as a single clump and needed, in my opinion, to be divided.

To add more interest and a more natural look. Therefore I split the group into three pieces. So a path is seen and the look of the forest is like when looking at a distance at an island with trees. The clump was established years ago and therefore it was a hard job to divide the trees. I simply had to use a saw and go right through the base. Demanding good aftercare and not further styling after placing the trees at a natural stone.

The forest today. Trees still need some adjustments, but it will be done little by little to secure healthy growth. The net is protection against birds harvesting the moss for bird nests in spring.


The stone was stored for an occasion like this and gives the right feeling of a quiet island. It could be an island here in Denmark or a Swedish coastline.

After a successful growing season, I have now adjusted some of the trunks, so they are having a better inclination and movement fitting the new position.

You can see the full picture series below.

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