Tony Bebb Shohin anniversary greeting

Congratulations Morten. 20 years of Shohin Bonsai Europe and going stronger than ever.

You are one of the dedicated who consistently puts up material for others to learn from and enjoy.

So many people don’t appreciate the world of Shohin until they get older and have to ‘downsize’ everything as a necessity for a changing life.

The world of miniatures is a fascinating one of detail and dedication to care as we grow our Shohin trees to be beautiful Bonsai on a small scale. As everything gets more expensive and living spaces get smaller, Shohin is perfect for anybody to enjoy the amazing world of Bonsai and to enjoy the lifelong care of pieces of nature.

Tony Bebb (right) and me on an epic trip to India.

Thank you for sharing your passion and knowledge, as well as your beautiful garden at Kisetsu-en, in your videos you produce for Shohin Bonsai Europe.

I hope you will continue to be at the forefront of Shohin education and promotion throughout Europe and the world for many years to come.

I look forward to working with you again sometime soon.

Best Regards

Tony Bebb

Brisbane International Bonsai School.

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