Mark Akins shohin testimonial

“On behalf of Beechfield Bonsai, I would like to congratulate Morten Albek on the 20th anniversary of Kisetsu-en and for promoting the art of shohin bonsai.
Through the online learning and tuition platform you have inspired many enthusiasts with your passion for shohin bonsai, and shone a light on the joys these smaller trees bring.
Morten Albek Shohin Masterclass at The Bonsai Show Live 2022
Kisetsu-en along with Morten’s two published books, represent the go to sources for help and information on managing both the joys and challenges that the smaller size bonsai bring.
When we were organising the inaugural Bonsai Show Live in the UK, we felt it was essential to get shohin bonsai represented and who better than Morten to take up that task. We are grateful that Morten accepted our invite and treated us to a shohin bonsai masterclass.
So we look forward to the next 20 years, at least two further books and many more visits to
the UK.
Best wishes, Mark Akins
Beechfield Bonsai and The Bonsai Show Live (UK).”
Shohin Bonsai Europe was established in 2003 by Morten Albek. In 2023 we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Kisetsu-en / Shohin Bonsai Europe with testimonials from around the world. We will like to thank everybody for your ongoing support. Kind regards, Morten Albek.


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