Healing deciduous bonsai scars

Thinking back on one of the trips to Japan in 2005. Travel with friends, looking at Japanese gardens. And most of all. Looking at bonsai. In Takamatsu we found some bonsai nurseries selling fine and cheap pre-bonsai material. At that time I wanted some pre-bonsai I could style my self in the coming years.

One of the few small trees I acquired was a Japanese maple at a very early training stage. This bonsai is featured in the weekly video launched today (always on Thursdays), together with a large Japanese maple I have been growing my self from small ordinary nursery stock.

Get the proportions right

Acer palmatum, Japanese maple, 2005.
How to heal scars at deciduous bonsai, – so it looks natural. Timing and techniques are essential to developing a natural looking bonsai, where scars after pruning are in proportion and in harmony with the tree.
In this episode, a shohin and a large Japanese maple are worked on, with two different approaches.



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