Kisetsu-en, Garden of the seasons

Finally a Japanese name is settled for the garden. I have been searching for a good Japanese name for the garden for some time now. Something that expresses the mood of the garden, and has a good sound too.


It was so simple as I first found it. Kisetsu means seasons in Japanese. No name could be more suitable. Kisetsu-en, Garden of the seasons, expresses the feeling and spirit of the garden perfectly. Having a fair share of Shohin-bonsai in the collection, where the aim of the Shohin display is exactly focusing on seasonal changes. Also having a love for deciduous trees, furthermore makes the choice of name meaningful.



Winter time has arrived. First days with frosts ahead, so i am preparing the winter shelter for the trees. Some are already under roof. Trees like Trident maples, are more vulnerable for freezing, and therefore they are stored earlier than other specimens. Also Shohin-bonsai are stowed away sooner than larger trees, simply because the small pot will be freezing faster than larger pots with a higher amount of soil.

More about winter storage in the next video coming up in a week from now, at the Bonsai Video Studio.




  • Hariharasudhan

    Dear Morten,
    Good day!
    I am always glad to see your garden changing with the seasons.
    I am even more glad to see that you have chosen a wonderful name for such a radiant place.

    Seasons greetings!


  • Miles J Young

    I live in Southern California and it seems like everyone is just into big junipers, pines, olives, pomegranate, mostly junipers. I’m in love with the shohin/ mame style and you are the best I’ve seen so far. I would love to learn from you someday

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