Bonsai Q&A Yamadori, pines and junipers

Our bonsai Q&A is online answering 3 questions from our dedicated members. This time we zoom in a Yamadori aftercare, developing pines (old and young), and take a look at developing new growth a Shimpaku and Itoigawa junipers.

Af full 43 minutes episode available now at Kisetsu-en Bonsai Online.



Yamadori is a hot topic. The survival kit to get your collected trees through the first steps after digging up in nature or in a garden. Moving old trees is a dangerous task for the tree. It is a stressful operation and great care has to be taken getting the tree healthy through the first seasons of growth.

In this episode, I give you an in-depth guide on how to handle collected junipers and Scots pines. I also answer questions on growing new growth at junipers and pre-styling young pines.

Yamadori collecting adds the character of age to your trees when you find old trees with aged bark. It also is tricky to succeed in getting old trees to survive. Therefore we allocate extra time to explain in this week’s episode.


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