Food for thoughts and for bonsai

Bonsai fertilization is almost like talking soil types. So many different opinions on how, when, and what.

Food for thoughts and for bonsai

Don’t miss the importance of feeding your bonsai right. It has a big influence on the development of branches, leaves, and flower preparation during autumn. That’s why the weekly episode is concentrating on this subject.

In addition, we also repot a Chujubai Japanese quince. Because the quince favors autumn/fall repotting. Soil types and step-by-step repotting is shown.

One of the things I have experienced through my years of working with bonsai is the many rigid approaches to how things should be one.

Over time I have learned that there isn’t necessarily only one truth or one way to do things.

There often are more than one option that will work as well as the other. At other times there is just one. Fertilizing is one of the multifaced subjects where you might succeed in doing things one way or the other. But basic knowledge is important. You must know why the fertilizers act as they do, and what NPK is. Without knowing this the results of the feeding program will be random, and in the worst case, your bonsai will suffer and decline.

If you use organic fertilizers or a different type may not be a big deal if controlled well. But using the right fertilizer will have a big impact on the growth of the individual tree, also depending on the purpose of its current growth. Is it a tree in development or a refined tree may change the feeding regime a lot.

At a young age, I was educated as a gardener, and the knowledge I gained I use today. Feeding bonsai right will make bonsai even more beautiful and easier to style. Explore in this episode at Kisetsu-en Bonsai Online and also watch the transplanting of a quince. Step-by-step.


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