5 thoughts on “The joy of bonsai / Video

  1. Lovely video Morten. My husband and I had to sell all our trees and start again when we emigrated to New Zealand from the UK. It was very difficult losing some of them as they had special memories for us. However we are now creating new bonsai with different stories and memories.

    1. Thanks. It must be a bit difficult to let them go, when you move. But fortunately you can start again, and enjoy a new journey. Best wishes and good luck with finding new ones.

  2. Beautifully put. My sentiments also on the inner spirit of Bonsai. Greetings from the Southern most European land of Bonsai.

  3. Thank you for this,, very well done and very well said,,
    I too grow Bonsai, Bonsai is an art and people see art
    In different ways and this is our way,, and I meet people and i learn from them as I learn from you,
    Thank you very much, and hope to see more and learn more,,,
    Again thank you,

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