Shohin book shipping and Trophy signing

Shohin – Through the Seasons is ready to be shipped at the end of the month.

The publisher announces the book ready just in time for the Trophy in Belgium February 29. – March 1. The book will be shipped right after the event.


The book with four seasons

I have been working on the book for a full year, but before that I collected a lot of material through my work with Shohin bonsai. Taking notes and gathering photos for years. All this knowledge gained I have tried to put in this book.

The aim with the book is to give a solid guide through all the seasonal aspects of bonsai. Techniques, care taking and aesthetics are part of the content featured in this book. Each chapter is focused on one season, ending with displaying of Shohin bonsai.

Although the book is aimed on Shohin a large part of the content is adaptable to larger bonsai too. But of course, all the special techniques for Shohin is the main theme here.

The book is planned so you can use each chapter specially for the seasons, and check if you are on top of the work with your bonsai.

Book signing at the Trophy

I look so much forward to see the book fresh from print. I will see it first time at the Trophy. Scary 🙂 The Trophy is a huge event taking place each year in Genk, Belgium.

If you want to order a copy you can do it at (At the top of the Esprit Bonsai ordering page you can change your preferred language to English for easier ordering).

I will be around the Esprit Bonsai stand from time to time and signing the book if you like. Or just catch up with me, if you want, at the event.


  • John Lambe

    Unfortunate and disappointing that the book release is after the Trophy. Others like myself that pre-ordered will receive it later than those that buy at the Trophy plus they will receive a signed copy.
    I would have thought that those who pre ordered would not have been last to receive their copy. Otherwise what’s the point in preordering.

    • albek

      Hi John.
      I am sure it will be shipped ASAP when it arrives from print. I am only the author and hope the publisher will handle it well.
      Hope you will like the book despite any delays.
      Best regards
      Morten Albek

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