Saika Bonsai

This weeks episode at Kisetsu-en Bonsai Online is a corporation with Thor Holvila Bonsai Pots.

Saika at Seikou-en

Saika bonsai is a modern variation of bonsai. The video this week takes a look at how to improve it from being just a decoration and adding a touch of a bonsai feeling to the style.

Back in 1999 I visited Seikou-en in Omiya and met with Tomohiro Yamada. Also Mr. Yamadas, at that time, young daughter was in the garden working. Today Tomio Yamada is slowly letting the now grown-up Kaori Yamada taking over more of the activities. She is also teaching classes mostly aimed towards the younger female generation, getting them interested in the art of bonsai. One of the classes is focused on teaching a lighter expression of the bonsai art, called Saika.

Saika is made by using soft plants with a seasonal approach, including a young tree. Giving a different feeling than when using older trees as the main subject.

I have taken Saika as a subject for this week’s episode at Kisetsu-en Bonsai Online. Adding a touch of the traditional bonsai to it, but still expressing a fresh spirit and natural feeling.

Learn how to arrange the items, and making use of a unique pot from the hands of Thor Holvila.

Watch and add a new thing to the palette of bonsai expressions. Here you can watch a five minutes draft of this episode.

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