Hot, hot, hot bonsai

It heats up around here. Watering three times a day at the moment. Hot weather demands extra care for the bonsai, and moving them around to avoid leaf burns is what I do these days. A few leaves edge dried on one Japanese maple, but only aesthetical harm for my eyes, nothing the tree will notice.

Working the bonsai garden is best practiced during the morning and late evening. But a midday watering is unavoidable. Cooling down the trees for a period, helping them withstand the hot weather.

Welcome to Arthur

Security is a top priority. Besides the cameras and big guard dog, we also found it necessary to upgrade with an apprentice taking care of the shohin bonsai especially.

We have hired, and expect a lot from the corporation. Especially qualified was a candidate fitting the size.

We welcome Arthur the Dachshund as part of the crew. 😉

Episode 30. Maple summer care + Q&A.

Summers might be hot and maples, especially Japanese maples, needs extra care during this time.
Controlling the inner growth is in focus, and we take a good look at how you can let the light reach the weaker areas of your bonsai, strengthening these parts. With the right techniques, we pre-develop the growth of the coming season and renewal of branches.
Also, the health of the tree is on the table, during periods with hot weather and demanding water flow.
Update on small Japanese Shohin forests is included.
Plus answering some Q&A. Please enjoy. Watch at the Kisetsu-en Bonsai online video page.

Watch a 5minutes+ sample here. Enjoy your weekend and stay cool.

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