Deadwood carving

Deadwood at bonsai always have a fascinating effect. The blend between the living and the dead reminds us about life and death as it is. The aesthetics of deadwood can be both very pleasing and sometimes overwhelming. Almost unnatural in its design with huge curled branches and trunks at Junipers. Like if it is from another world.

Deadwood at Juniper, Masahiko Kimura, Japan.

Artificial or natural deadwood?

No matter how artificial it can look in forms, for sure Mother Nature has done it already out there. What the bonsai artist have to do, is finding a natural form for the bonsai worked on. Junipers might have twisted and abnormal forms of deadwood, due to their living environment in harsh weather and mountains. Other trees are more quietly living, and their wood is soft and rots easily. This have to be observed and understood when applying deadwood as a feature of any bonsai.

Deadwood work featured in the first video in the new series about bonsai deadwood, Jin and shari.

New series

The latest, and the coming videos at the Kisetsu-en Bonsai Video Studio deals with just that. How to work with deadwood on bonsai, and what to take in to consideration aesthetically. Sign up and be with us when exploring deadwood.

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