New year – new visions – new name

(Edited January 14). A new year is often followed by new visions. This will be true this year, although we do not make big changes just because of the New Year. We do it when it feels right. That is now. 🙂

Bonsai collection

Changing the expression of the bonsai activities. Most know only about the current teaching and preaching for Shohin-bonsai, build up during the last 15 years. The collection is expanding with larger bonsai, and these will be part of the Bonsai Video Studio lectures released.

Website name change to Kisetsu-en

Maybe you have noticed a slight name change of the website. Changed January 1st, to express the new direction with a more varied selection of bonsai used for teaching. Large and small. Not just small, because we think a lot of bonsai enthusiasts have a much more varied view on bonsai. Not just being interested in one kind of bonsai, but in many different sizes and expressions. We therefore want to accommodate the need of knowledge of a greater variation of bonsai. So more people can enjoy the well produced (so we are told and glad to hear) and educational videos produced.

Inspiring videos

We want to have our focus on that, and during this coming season introducing much new educational content. Showing carving with power tools (up next in the Bonsai Video Studio), arranging larger forest plantings and so much more to look forward too.

The name Kisetsu-en means the Garden of the changing seasons. Fitting with the spirit of the nursery, covering a wide range of trees. We hope you like it. Feel free to sign up, and benefit from the videos already in the library. Get instant access, when signing up. Price is only 13 USD a month. New video aimed to be published every Thursday.

Carving a larger Cherry laurel bonsai for the upcoming video at


  • bryzkoi

    Happy New Year Morton, and thank you for the blog. We look forward to your new weekly video lectures as well as the other great content ! This will take much of your time and thought and we do appreciate it. Have a wonderful 2019!
    Bryan Bateman

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