Celebrate the World Bonsai Day

Each year, on the second Saturday in May, the World Bonsai Friendship Federation celebrates “World Bonsai Day”. Encouraging to share the joy and brotherhood we all feel because of our involvement with bonsai. In memory of Saburo Kato, former chairman of the WBFF.

Saburo Kato

I was lucky to meet this amazing Japanese bonsai artist back in 2005. A visit I will always have in my heart. Saburo Kato postponed his holiday to meet my friends and me when we announced our visit. Because friendship is important. He didn’t know us before, so it was a great gesture of a humble artist. The video from our meeting you can watch at the bottom of the page. There are good stories in it.

2005.meeting with Saburo Kato. From left: Morten Albek, Saburo Kato, Johnny Eslykke and Torben Pedersen.

Juniper carrying memories

At that time I bought a small mame Shimpaku juniper as a memory. I still have it, and I always think about Saburo Kato when I look at it. It has changed since then, as all bonsai do. But it doesn’t change the memories of friendship.

Saburo Kato. Photo: Morten Albek.

I wish everybody a great bonsai day with friendships and the beauty of the art.

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