Bonsai VLOG 2 with Kunio Kobayashi and China Jue 2017

A new bonsai year has started. 2018 looks promising and one of the first things done was publishing the recent Vlog 2 from the China Jue 2017 in December. View it here if you have a subscription. Sign up for subscriptions and get new videos every month teaching bonsai. Improve your skills – improve your bonsai.

Starring Kunio Kobayashi as one of the International demonstrators. I will meet Kobayashi again in late February when Bonsai Namaste takes place in Pune, India. I will do a demonstration there and workshops. I will try catch as much as possible on video, when time allows.

New trees are collected during autumn and winter, so promising material will be at hand when we continue filming during the year. The collected material will not be worked on before it is well established during two-three years. Up til then there will be good advice on how to handle collected material so it survive and how to prepare for styling later on. Luckily there are other trees ready for styling this season to come.

Potentilla collected in January.

Spring may seem far away in Europe and the US, while it is quite different down under. The world gets smaller with the Internet as a connecting factor. We all get closer and can enjoy the spirit and beauty of bonsai all over the world.

Chinese juniper, Shohin bonsai.

The Bonsai Video Studio

Just before Christmas the new Bonsai Video Studio was launched. I have prepared this for some time, and now the time seems right for me launching this exciting project.

Video is a great teaching tool, reaching out to many people. What sometimes takes a lot of time writing, is more easy to explain on video. Video also have the benefit of showing things in detail and close up, giving a more precise description of the work done.

The aim is to bring on as much information as possible, and at the same time inspire through aesthetically filmed videos. We believe that videos are better than live transmissions, because it adds the peace and time to review whenever it suits you. Again and again.

The videos we produce are in three different categories. The monthly theme goes in detail with a subject. The Vlog is a monthly report following the seasons and taking up bit and pieces of interest. Finally the tutorials are aimed on specific techniques bringing on exact knowledge to you. An extra option is the Q&A where you can ask your questions, and we respond on video when interesting questions are gathered.

Please join by signing up for a subscription and get inspiration for your own bonsai work throughout the year.

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