Bonsai winter pruning

It is winter, and the bonsai season may seem a bit far ahead here in Northern Europe. But soon winter is over. We begin repotting and things starts to grow again.

Juniperus chinensis with frosty needles.

Winter time is also bonsai time. Styling trees are perfectly done during the dormant season. Especially evergreens can be wired and formed, and if protected from frosts some pruning will be fine for both conifers and deciduous. Although scars heal over better in the growing season the advantage of winter pruning is that the trees are less stressed when the sap flow is low and bleeding is at a minimum. Most important is to keep the trees protected from rain and free air where fungus might spread and infect open wounds. Therefore it is advisable to keep the trees in an unheated greenhouse or alike, and cover wounds with a cutting paste to close any possibilities for fungal attacks that will harm the tree.

Scots Pine collected in Sweden. First styling midd way status. Watch the full styling process in upcoming video midd January.

Next bonsai video on its way is the styling of a Swedish Yamadori Scots pine. It is styled in two steps, and the video shows the full process of the first initial styling. Available for both subscribers and nonsubscribers of the Bonsai Video Studio soon.

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