So much bonsai

The last weeks have been filled with bonsai activities. One week ago it was the national exhibition in Denmark. Yesterday (Sunday) I set up the personal exhibition and open workshop at the Japanese gardens, and the week ahead I am about to prepare the next release of lectures for Kisetsu-en members.

I am glad there are no cut down on hours, so I still have 24 of them daily. 😀

Live Q&A October 14

Our next Live Q&A on Zoom takes place on October 14 at 8 PM. Look up the time for your area to be sure not to miss it. To make it easier we added a timetable converter where you set in the time for Denmark and then your own local area. You find it at the Live Q&A information page here

Send in your questions ahead. You find all information on how to take part on the Live Q&A information page.

October Bonsai Video Magazine

The headlines for the new video lessons for October are focusing on some interesting topics I find. First of all the seasonal approach and what to do now in your bonsai garden.

Next, I look at species of the month. This time it is the Cotoneaster. A favourite of mine, especially for the small-sized bonsai. Peaking with berries right now.

It is the exhibition season again and activities seem to take place in many places again around the world. Other places unfortunately still in lock down mode.

Because exhibitions take place we take a look at the exhibition preparations for bonsai. The final steps to make a bonsai ready for a show. The devil is in the details.

Wire marks at branches are something to be aware of right now as especially coniferous branches are swelling in autumn. What is good and when is it too much. What to look after and why is some wire biting a good thing? All answered in the October tutorial.

Finally, but not least, I look into the autumnal actions on Scots pines. Needle plucking and back budding techniques to do now. Important information for Scots pines.

All released October 1st. 

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