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Pinch, prune and record

I have been absolutely busy recording and editing right up to the deadline. I have fumbled with words, and retakes were necessary when words came out with no sense. So it is every month. Trial and error. Like it is when doing bonsai, and every day we improve little by little. Hopefully. But I am enjoying every minute, and all the cool response I get is all worth the huge work it is. Thank you so much.
Besides a lot of video content to watch, made a list of species recommended for Shohin bonsai. On request from a member. The link is on the video page or you can go directly to it here.
In the May video magazine, there is a lot of content.
Creating Shohin bonsai from a middle-sized bonsai, arranging a forest style Saikei with flowering species, and special spring pinching techniques for Japanese maples in Shohin size.
The species of the month is Prunus avium.
Q&A with extended air layering techniques, growing instructions for Hinoki Cypres, cutting a forsythia back for Shohin and much more.
If Shohin bonsai is your thing, there will be a lot of content this month covering that. The speciality of Kisetsu-en.
Please enjoy watching.
Best regards
Morten Albek


  • andrew beattie

    Thank you Morten, a great set of videos as usual. You are showing exactly the type of material i am trying to grow. Most other videos and tutorials i have seen are people working on ‘huge’, complicated material which is unaffordable and unrealistic for me.
    You show trees which you have spent many years with and are able to explain how you achieve your results which in turn is more inspiring to me than videos of bending large branches on huge trees.
    I will “dare to cut”

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