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Sometimes bonsai are getting hit by a virus or bacteria. This week it was my turn to be hit by the feared “man flu”. 😀 Haven’t been that sick for years, and therefore no “Almost Thursday” this week. We get back on track next Thursday where we also have the monthly Live Q&A.

On Thursday the 13th 19:00 (UTC+2) you can join (as a paying member) our Zoom meeting with live Q&A.

Feel free to ask questions live, and also sending in pictures and question before the meeting (deadline May 12). Post your questions ahead at https://shohin-europe.com/zoom-questions/

All questions are welcome and topic suggestions welcome. You find all information´s about the monthly Kisetsu-en Zoom meetings here: https://shohin-europe.com/zoom-meeting-info/

How are your bonsai doing?

Here we had a cold and unstable spring period. Temperatures uncomfortable low until now but with hopes for more realistic spring temps the week to come.

For some trees, this means a great delay in developing new leaves and it will give some of them a little shorter growth period this season. If trees are not damaged with brown leaves from freezing periods after the new fragile leaves folded out, it will not be a big deal. If some trees are suffering from brown leaves frost-damaged or sunburned, let them stay on for now. When the first flush of new spring growth has hardened off, you can remove these damaged leaves and let the next growth take over. But let them stay a little if they have at least 30% areas of green that still will take up light and be productive through photosynthesis.

Look out for any fungal attacks, because dead leaves can attract fungus which is a natural way of breaking down dead plant material. Treat accordingly or remove leaves in that case. Especially if trees are placed in a humid environment with very little wind. Move trees to an area with more air circulation to prevent fungal attacks in that case.

Other trees do not seem to be affected at all and just grow on without blinking. I did take my precautions and brought some fragile and small Shohin in and out for some days when we had low temperatures all of a sudden. Most seems to be fine.

If you look at the garden or nature around your location, you might observe frost damages at shrubs and hedges. Showing that it isn’t just bonsai that are dealing with unpredictable weather.

Take care and let’s hope for a warm and joyful spring.

Left a Saikei arrangement created in the May episode https://shohin-europe.com/bonsai-video-studio-2/ and right a field maple (Acer campestre) forest coming into leaf.

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