Autumn´s newer lies

Bonsai loses leaves and cold windy weather reaches us. Autumn’s newer lies despite we set a warm-weather record the past month. But now cold arrived helping trees into dormancy.

I am still working on deciduous trees needing trimming and winter preparations before branches get too brittle after the sap flow is at a minimum. Today I work on one of a few larger bonsai in the garden. A Birch was found nearby with an old trunk and natural deadwood and it is developing nicely with patient work.

Later today I record the next episode released in BONSAI ON for members. Creating a new design on a Japanese Black Pine. Shohin size just to mention.

Live Q&A

The live Q&A from Thursday was recorded as always and online yesterday. If you didn’t attend, please watch and get a lot of information about Crabapples, flowering, and fruiting. Plus a lot more of interest.

Included a full-year circle of caretaking with explanations and questions answered. Of course in a friendly spirit and with fun moments as usual.

Newsletter changed

I changed the email company that takes care of distributing our newsletter. Be sure to sign up to get all news about content released. If you for some reason do not receive the newsletter despite being signed up please check your spam folder. It might end up there if not approved by you. Give me a heads-up if you experience any troubles and I will look into it.

Enjoy your weekend with bonsai.


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