October in the Bonsai garden

The middle of autumn shows leaves dropping, some colouring and others still green. Everything changes during October and colder more humid conditions will influence the growth and appearance of the bonsai garden.



It’s also a kind of melancholic season where we are reminded of impermanence. Mortality is shown by the decay of leaves on deciduous trees, but also the opposite. Beautiful colours when berries show their glory on a Cotoneaster set up with the yellow and red maple leaves do play their tricks.

Bonsai growing for me brings out the beauty of nature up close. Watching trees change during the season is one of the great joys of bonsai. Working with trees this way brings your attention towards every little detail and seasonal change.


The beauty of bonsai seasonal changes

Not just does it bring out the beauty of the autumn season when colours change. Also, the smell is different. The fungus is very active when humidity rises during this period of the year. Walking outside adds a different scent. It is the fungus in the soil releasing this scent and you will notice it, especially in autumn. Like if you smell the soil more clearly.

Take care when watering, so you only water at soil level on days when the sun and wind don’t dry leaves fast. Else, it can be a tricker for fungal attacks like mildew on field maples for example, that are easily attacked by this type of fungus. Not being harmful, but also ruining the nice leaves with the white surface of the fungus.


October in the bonsai garden at BONSAI ON

Some of the jobs to do in October is looking at fertilizing and how it impacts the colours of deciduous and affects flowering trees in a long term.
It’s a fine time to adjust growth on Scots pine, selecting future buds for the next season and removing older needles to force new growth and let light in. And more

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