Have fun and create Mame bonsai from herbs.

In future, all updates will be from the blog about live events and stories from Kisetsu-en. The price of sending newsletters with e-mails suddenly was pushed to insane amounts, so as a small business we have to find other ways. Hope for your understanding.

Live stream using herbs for bonsai

Use your herbs for bonsai. The cuttings can be used for cooking. A win-win situation for bonsai enthusiasts we think.

Good Rosemary is difficult to find with old trunks, so here we show how a garden centre bargain can be changed into a future small bonsai.

Rosemary has small flowers that they carry from summer to late autumn. They are great for Mame-bonsai because it tolerate fairly dry soil and will cope with both being cut and wired.

Thursday we look into how to take care of a Rosemary and we create a Mame-bonsai live.

Live stream Thursday, October 19, at 8 PM (UTC +2, Copenhagen time).

Recorded and ready to watch as many times as you want. Usually up within two hours after the stream ends.

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