Tosho Juniper pinching

Summertime and pinching continue. Scissors are busy trimming new growth. It is important though how it is done, and not the least when it is done. The weekly episode on Kisetsu-en Bonsai Online is ready to watch, and deal with a lot of strategies necessary to know if you want to succeed with the needle junipers.


The needle junipers used for this tutorial is a Juniperus rigida in Shohin size, and an even smaller J. communis. The basic techniques taught don’t differ much from larger Tosho but there are some other aesthetic preferences to have in mind.

Tosho junipers

Tosho juniper, or needle juniper, and the strategies of first seasonal pinching and pruning is important. The new growth is controlled by the right timing and strategy of the next growth. Learn how to trim needle junipers and shaping foliage pads.

We also go through fertilizer strategies – light – open spaces – aesthetics, and much more. All parts of this episode focusing on needle junipers.

Duration 29:49

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