How to find the bonsai tree

Creating bonsai from raw material can be a challenge. Finding and selecting the branches hidden behind a mass of foliage is the focus of the next episode. But that’s next week. Today the weekly tutorial is focusing on restyling a Shimpaku juniper I have grown in a small pot for exactly fifteen years. I bought it at the Mansei-en nursery in Japan, from the famous Saburo Kato.

Shohin bonsai in this size demands extra attention but the reward is beauty and a special connection with the tree.

The Shimpaku bonsai cascade style at the bonsai table in the Kisetsu-en garden.

A precious memory, and therefore I am careful when redesigning this small shohin bonsai. Watch the episode and learn about safety branches, special wiring techniques, and much more at Kisetsu-en Bonsai Online.

Watch the trailer and see what’s coming up next.

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