Morning lights


The nice thing about being up early (if you can’t sleep anyway) is the quietness and light. I really enjoy taking a tour around the garden in the morning, viewing bonsai setting new growth rapidly at this time of the year.

New leaves at the old Crataegus Shohin bonsai..

At the moment the Deshojo maple leaves are looking great with their spring red colours. I got this tree as a gift, and as an ordinary small garden tree, from an old friend in bonsai. He passed away a few months ago and I will remember him with this tree in my collection, now having a life as a bonsai. It made a nice shadow play in the Tokonoma this early morning.


Bringing a cup of good coffee and chillin with my trees, is an absolutely favourite time of mine. The low morning light at the garden Tokonoma often happens to be very nice when the sun bothers to be around. New growth needs to be trimmed and wire has to be removed from winters work. Spring is busy in many ways, but remember to enjoy it and just look at your trees too. Thats whats it is all about in the end. Enjoying.

It is not relaxing all the time though. A new area expanding the bonsai garden is in progress these days. Heavy work. Will be good to be finished. Hopefully within May everything should be finished.

A few pictures from today at the bottom of this post after a small 1 min. video made for another bonsai website. Haven’t shown it to my wife 😉

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