I only say this once

Some of my generation will know the sentence “Listen very carefully. I only say this once!”. This comes from a hilarious episode of the comedy series Allo Allo.

Without further due let’s talk about bonsai. Because this week we publish three variations of content. So we do not say it only once but a full three times. And you can repeat as much as you want.

The first two are free. In the podcast series, we added a podcast episode about Shohin bonsai. A talk shared by Tangled Tanuki with Hilton Meier as host.

Next is our own Almost Friday episode 26. with a bonsai garden update and some zen-mood.

Finally, we post our weekly members BONSAI ON episode dealing with maple leaf pruning in early summer.

All ready to watch Thursday as usual.

Summer feeling in the bonsai garden

The summer started out well, and after a dry period, we got that rain very much wanted. And then back to the sun and a very good growing season so far. Therefore we both look at the improved garden in Almost Friday, and at defoliation techniques early in the season in BONSAI ON.

You find an overview of all videos and podcasts located here.

The garden Tokonoma was rebuilt and a second room for the Shohin display was added recently. Featured in Almost Friday episode 26.


Defoliating techniques

It is important to understand the different techniques and timing of defoliation of deciduous maples. Not only the timing is crucial, but also what, when and how much to prune and pinch. Get on top of that and join the membership-based bonsai school and start watching today



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