Juniper Shohin mini demo

The past weekend Kisetsu-en had a stand at the Danish Bonsai Association yearly event. We had a lot of talks with people and not enough time to make the usual load of pictures.

So here we go with a few snapshots (image gallery at the end of the post) from our own display and from a mini demo, bringing onwards the Juniper from the book cover of “Shohin – Through the Seasons”.

By the way, I introduced the for the first time a display using a surface burned wooden box for a show in public. Very well received by the people daring to comment on it 😀

It was the absolute final stage of the flowering at the Crataegus.

Top tree: Itoigawa juniper. Pot is Japanese. Crataegus laevigata, pot is Japanese Tokoname. Field maple forest with a pot from Thor Holvilla. Sedum accent in Elsebeth Ludvigsen pot.

Thursday we publish the weekly BONSAI ON episode. This week we adjust a Crapabble let to gro freely during spring to strengthen up the whole system of the tree, how and why we do that. Also, structural pruning techniques and abanding wiring at this stage is topic related to this work.

Mini demo

The mini demo at the annual exhibition is taking our Shohin Itoigawa Juniper to the next level. Simplicity is the key to success, but also health care of a tree styled is extremely important. That’s why I usually keep up to 20-30 % more foliage on a tree than needed when first styled. To keep up a decent flow of sap and a high amount of photosynthesis, making the tree recover and stay tuned after an often stressful styling.

Trees are always stressed when branches are wired and pruned, and therefore they need all the support they can get to get fast forward afterwards.

This season it was time to do some adjustments. The focus was on enhancing the movement and opening of the foliage covering the dramatic curved live vein and deadwood.
Therefore all foliage on the left side was removed. The branched was wired again and adjusted. Now they need to fill in a little, and soon a.more interesting tree is ready to show.

The event was located in an old dance hall and made a nice atmosphere. Here are a few pics of what we managed to do in between supporting visitors, drinking coffee and keeping our stand busy, and selling books and online memberships. The last books are sold by the way, but the new ones are printed and will arrive within June.

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