The bonsai Bowler Hat syndrome

The last week of spring comes closer. The Azaleas show all their beauty from now on. Both in the Kisetsu-en garden and as bonsai. After that comes summer and the green season.

Repotting is over and the focus is on the scissors. Trimming foliage and extended branches. But in some cases, we need to let that foliage extend and we also will wire a few branches when possible to correct the directional growth.
The bonsai bowler hat syndrome is a common mistake when designing bonsai. 
Especially for Shohin bonsai the bowler hat can be a quick solution and present a nice silhouette. 
But it misses the important design aspects and aesthetics of bonsai.
Thursday we look into that and use an older bonsai needing some corrections and a redesign to move it forward after a period of matureness and outgrowing its present form.
Lonicera nitida, Boxleaf Honeysuckle,  undergoing a change after several years in its current form. This is the work done and why it looks like that will be explained in detail in the wekly BONSAI ON episode released today.
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