Trophy 2023 photo gallery

Returned from one the best quality Trophy exhibitions to date. The quality was overall higher this year, and the visitor numbers must have been a record. Saturday was extremely crowded, and therefore I didn’t manage to take photos of everything. I also had a big number of talks with old friends and made new ones.

Thank you

I want to thank everybody for taking the time to talk and share their love for this amazing art form.

The reactions on the small Mame bonsai display I set up for the Trophy this time were really nice. I am glad it touched the hearts the way it did. Not being a classical large display, but aimed for a light feeling, with a more simple poetic expression. Well received and spoken about a lot.

A Mame bonsai display searching for a balance between age and youth.

Mame bonsai display by Morten Albek. Shimpaku Juniper, Potentilla fruticosa and small fern companion planting.

Also, all the messages coming in afterwards makes this event special for me. So much passion and friendly comments make it all worth it.


Here is a full gallery from the event, and I apologize for not being able to capture it all. Most focus on Shohin and a glimpse of the rest.  Still 174 images to watch and a video from the Shohin part you find in the previous blog post or in the video library:

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