Shohin bonsai twins testimonial

In the row of testimonials, some stories stand out. The testimonials are published because Kisetsu-en / Shohin Bonsai Europe celebrate its 20-year anniversary in 2023.

Roland Schatzer, who I just had a nice talk with at the Trophy the past weekend, send this nice and personal contribution. Funny how equal we are in our approach and the history of Shohin Bonsai. Enjoy the read and have a nice Sunday.

Dear Morten, hello to the bonsai friends all over the world,
Morten and I have a lot of bonsai life in common. 

Long time ago, exactly in 1993, we started our bonsai life. As every beginner we started with all kinds of trees. In short time the passion for the little ones, for the shohin, grew more and more, for both of us. We dedicated most of our time to these small bonsai.

At that time there was nearly nothing helping us to develop our trees. With a lot of effort and the will to create something special, we made many experiences.

Some were better than others. After many years, we both had the urge to share our experience with the next generation or whoever likes shohin. So, each of us wrote a book about shohin. Both books got unique and a lot of people took many tips, and information from them and could learn to develop shohin.

I know that the way from the big bonsai to the smaller ones is not always simple because in these times usually more and bigger counts more. Nevertheless, we both went this special way of minimalism, of shohin.

30 years have passed until today in the year 2023. Congratulations to you for this long effort and congratulations on your 20-year anniversary at your shohin bonsai school.

I wish my friend Morten that his passion for shohin should never stop or, better, that the passion for shohin continues to grow.”

Best regards

Roland Schatzer.


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