Dragon Bonsai shohin workshop

Photos: Ming Moreland

Thanks to everybody who attended the sold-out shohin workshop at Dragon Bonsai this weekend. Already rescheduled for next year and sold out within minutes plus reservations.

Started with a talk about seasonal growth and how to get the best growth on shohin species like pines, junipers, Japanese maples and more. Next, we did a full-time workshop all day Saturday finishing with a good meal and a good time. Sunday we continued the work on many trees and wrapped it all up with a q&a and some repetitions to be sure all got the tips and ideas for their trees.

Thanks a lot to Dragon Bonsai, Chris Thomas and everybody taking good care of me. It´s a pleasure being around talented and nice people who want to learn. Food, place and everything just top.

Heading back tomorrow to prepare for the next live stream for Kisetsu-en members. The theme this time is a focus on thickening trunks, so tune in, be a member and I will add all the knowledge I have on this topic. Read more…

Mark Moreland had a very interesting talk in the evening Saturday about a new propagation method he has successfully experimented with for some time now. Mark will. share this knowledge with the Kisetsu-en members a little later when the material for the presentation is finished.

PHOTO gallery by Ming Moreland at the bottom of the page.

PHOTO gallery by Ming Moreland.





  • Geoff Hobson

    It was excellent, well worth doing I got lots of work on all the trees that I took now they will progress better. And I bought two more! The food was good, the atmosphere was good, everyone had a great time. Thanks to Chris Thomas for organising it.

  • Laura Petty

    What a top weekend I spent observing Morton teaching his very impressive expertise on shohin bonsai. The food was great as well as the company and the bunk house. Thanks to Chris for this awesome opportunity, will be there again next year.

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