Guy wire bonsai

There are many techniques involved in creating bonsai. Wiring is one of those essentials. Wiring is used to redirect branches and shape these to recreate the image of an old tree. Big or small, wiring is not to be avoided and especially at a young stage wiring branches helps develop the tree. Older trees need more care and less wiring but when needed it must be done carefully to avoid an old branch being harmed.

Using guy wires is a very good technique for different situations where you save the tree from stress. For old branches and where it is difficult to apply wire as usual, the guy wire technique comes in very handy.

In this episode, I explain the different possibilities with guy wires and show it step-by-stepÄ how you do. This example is based on a Japanese maple but can be used for literally any species.

A new episode is up today at

The next two weeks will be a bit different from the usual because I am out of the house. Literally to the other end of the world, doing workshops and demos in Australia. Therefore the content will be various videos and photos from that trip downunder. Hope you will enjoy it.


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